After a long long time, the has been updated. Please read on about what´s up…

» What´s new? (2nd September 2008)

• Finally there has been an update of galleries, couple of photographs has been added and new gallery COLOUR created – though only with one picture for the moment, as I work mostly in B&W. To see only the summary of the new photographs, go to the gallery page and click on the last icon NEW PHOTOGRAPHS.
• There is a new category under the LINKS page -“My favourite things” the websites I am checking almost every day for valuable info and the category “Photographers” has been enriched by two photographers’ websites – really worth checking out for inspiration. One is Josip Saric from Serbia and the other is a guy with the same last name as mine Henrique Souto from Portugal.

» Featured gallery for September 2008!

After a long break there is another chosen gallery for the month of september! Let’s have a look what miracles can do a simple plastic camera like Diana+. To learn more about this little plastic beauty or if you wish to own one for yourself, search on Lomographic Society website. (To view the Diana+ gallery, please go to and clikc on the picture on the right top.)

Katarina Souto

» Co je nove? (2. september 2008)

• Po dlhom case boli fotogalerie znovu obohatene o par fotograpfii a zaroven bola vytvorena aj nova galeria COLOUR, sice zatial len s jednou fotkou, kedze prevazne fotim cierno-bielo. Ked si chcete pozriet len tie najnovsie fotografie, tak na stranke gallery kliknite na posledu ikonku NEW PHOTOGRAPHS.
• Na stranke LINKS bola vytvorena nova kategoria -“My favourite things” (Moje oblubenosti) so strankami, ktore si prehliadam takmer kazdodenne kvoli ich cennym informaciam. Do kategorie “Photographers” boli pridane dve dalsie mena fotografov, stranky ktorych stoja za pozretie. Jeden z nich je srbsky fotograf Josip Saric a tym druhym je moj menovec Henrique Souto z Portugalska.

» Vybrana galeria na mesiac september 2008!

Opat po dlhej odmlke bola na mesiac september vybrana dalsia galeria. Podme sa pozriet ake zazraky dokaze jednoduchy fotoaparat z plastu ako Diana+. Ak sa chcete dozvediet viac o tejto plastovej kraske, alebo ak by ste si jednu kupit, pozrite sa na stranku Lomographic Society. (Ak si chcete pozriet galeriu Diana+, otvorte si stranku a kliknite na fotku v pravo hore.)

Katarina Souto