I have decided to give some space on my website to my fellow photographers to promote their work through Guest Galleries. These galleries will be part of my website, but containing the work of different photographers together with their biography and link to their websites. Each month I will try to feature some new photographer. After one month of being the featured artist, the portfolio stays on my website in the Guest gallery.

The whole project of Guest Galleries is still in development, but if you are interested in being in the Guest Gallery, you can already send me an e-mail to

Conditions for being featured in Guest Gallery:
if I do not contact you first, please send me e-mail with your request with the link to your website (do not send your photographs yet), which means you have to have your own photography website
– you have link to my website from yours (see linking conditions on my website here)
– you have to pass my “screening process” – which simply means – no pornography, no dead bodies, etc… (not even on your website)
– each time I update my website you will receive an informative e-mail which you could (maybe even should J) forward to your contacts to promote my work as I promote yours

What is necessary to prepare for the Guest Gallery:
– 10-15 photographs – your own work of course (black&white or colour, analogue or digital)
– short biography (10-15 sentences about yourself and your photography work)
– 1 picture of yourself

How to prepare the photographs:
– resolution of 72dpi and 800 pixels on the long side, saved as jpeg
– you can place semitransparent copyright through the photo if you wish so, but include one photographs also without it to be placed as the thumbnail
– title the photographs, and if relevant, include the place where it has been taken or camera/process…
– you can include a short explanation to each photograph, if you wish so

What next?
– after the initial contact / approval of your photographic website, you can e-mail me the selected photographs/portfolio, which will be published on my website in due time
– you will receive an informative e-mail about receiving your portfolio and probable month of publishing
– upon publishing your portfolio in the Guest gallery, you will receive Newsletter from, which you can distribute to your contacts

Any questions?
– please, do not hesitate to contact me at, I will gladly answer your questions