Almost a year and a half ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Noelia and since then I don’t have much time left for the photography and my website :)). However I have been taking a lot of pictures of her mostly with my digital point and shoot. Here are some examples taken over the time…

Point and shoot is generally easy to use, it is small, you can have it on you most of the time and the quality of nowadays digital cameras is not bad at all. Plus considering how many photos end up blurry and out of focus because the kids never stay still not even for a second, you can save up quite a lot of processing cost (talking about film development).

But recently I started to shoot her with a film SLR Pentax MZ-S choosing a colour film over B&W due to lack of time to develop them myself. I wanted different images with shallow depth of field and quality that you cannot achieve with just a P&S. If I need to use flash, I don’t have to use the build-in-flash of P&S which throws direct light on the subject and creates unflattering lighting. With the SRL, I can pair it with dedicated flashgun Pentax AF-540FGZ and bounce the light in any direction or use it off camera.

Here are some recent photographs of my daughter shot on Fujifilm with my Pentax MZ-S paired with SMC FA 77/1,8 Limited portrait lens and Pentax AF-540FGZ flashgun.

You can clearly see the difference between the P&S and SRL images. Of course, with the film you don’t have the instant feedback from the digital LCD whether you got the picture or not, you have to wait till you get your processed film back from your lab and then you realise that half of them are just rubbish :)), but I think it is worth to have photographs of my baby that are different then the rest.

Katarina Souto Mera