Just wanted to share with you some pictures from last summer holidays in Spain, Galicia. The nature is just beautiful, full of photographic opportunities and the food… don’t get me started on that :)). The beach A Lanzada is beautiful white sand beach with clear cold ocean water and cooling breeze.

These photographs are captured on my digital P&S just before sunrise. The light is just beautiful, magical. I have to thank to my baby and the dog, who were waking us up very early in the morning, so then we just got up and headed to the beach to make a walk. Couple of times I took my film SRL with me with all my lenses and stuff, but with the baby and the dog and complaining husband, it is quite difficult to concentrate :)) So mostly I just took my little digital camera and grabbed some shots on the way…

Katarina Souto Mera

If you want to see more photographs from Galicia, please visit my photogalleries on my website. Most of them is in the Landscapes and Cities galleries.