So in the first part of the review of this beautiful les we saw its specifications and what it can do. Now in this second part we will see the transformation from M42 mount to Pentax K and of course some more photographs produced with this lens.

Converting Helios 40-2 from M42 screw mount to Pentax K

Helios 40-2 is native M42 screw mount so you need an M42-Pentax K adapter to put it on a Pentax camera. Had some problems first when putting it on – the adapter comes with a little spring that keeps it safely in the mount. So when you put the adapter on the lens and mount in on the camera, it will not come off like a normal Pentax lens with a push of the button. No, no. The adapter stays there and you have to unscrew the lens and remove the adapter from the camera mount with a tool.

Mount adapter M42 to Pentax K

I was lucky my lens is Helios 40-2 which has rotating tripod socket, had the silver edition Helios 40, the lens would have had to be on my camera permanently as the knob to loose the socket and the socket itself are colliding with the built-in flash housing and it would be impossible to unscrew the lens. So I had to loose the socket and unscrew the lens and take out the adapter every time I wanted to change lenses. Very impractical. Took me about 3 min every time. Impossible to do it in the field or on assignment.

So what I did is I removed little spring on the adapter and screw it very tightly on the lens. Now I transformed my Helios 40-2 from M42 into permanent Pentax K mount, which I could put on my camera and take it off as fast as any other lens with native K mount. Cool.

One thing still bothered me though. If you check carefully your lens and camera, there is little pin on the camera a little hole in the lens that secure the lens from falling off. Well, there was no hole in the back of my Helios. Well, it did hold somehow, but I had to be very careful when carrying my Pentax MZ-S with Helios 40-2 on. I had the biggest problem when focusing from far distance to close, especially when coming really close like around 1m and less. The manual focus ring is quite tight and even tighter at that spot, so I had to pay attention not to unmount the lens at the same time. Quite bothering. So I nicely asked my dear husband, if he could drill me a tiny hole into my lens. He did a great job and I now have a Helios 40-2 in Pentax K mount. Yay! smiley

Helios 40-2 85/1.5 with mounted M42/Pentax K adapter and a freshly drilled hole

Portrait of my dear husband (Pentax MZ-S with Helios 40-2 85/1.5 on Kodak Portra 400NC)

Portrait of my little girl (Pentax MZ-S with Helios 40-2 85/1.5 on Kodak Portra 400NC)

Leaf on spider web (Pentax MZ-S with Helios 40-2 85/1.5 on Kodak Portra 800)

Katarina Souto Mera