OK, it’s been like a century since I wrote or posted something on this blog. That’s partly due to my laziness to kick myself to actually write something and partly to the dreadful process of uploading something to this blog.

But, …it is a new year and with that come plenty of new year’s resolutions. And since it has been a couple of years that I did not take any resolutions (why to bother if you don’t do it anyways), I thought that this year, maybe, it is a good time to change the habit and to set some goals for this year – and that is to post something on this boring blog and finally update or even redo my website www.soutophotography.com. That’s it. Make it viewable on smartphones and tablets and update it with recent photos. Those you can see of course on my facebook page if you follow me.

So, it is on the paper, let’s do it!

Happy new year!

Katarina Souto Mera