Pentax AF-540FGZ as off-camera wireless flash with Pentax MZ-S film camera

How to turn your flashgun to off-camera wireless mode?

Here I am going to show you what to do in order to turn your Pentax AF-540FGZ flashgun into off-camera wireless mode with Pentax MZ-S film camera.

1. Turn Pentax MZ-S camera off and attach the flashgun Pentax AF-540FGZ to the hot shoe.

2. On the flash unit put the power switch to the position WIRELESS (in the middle)

3. Press the wireless mode button (M/C/S) till you won’t see SLAVE on the display of the flash.

4. Slide down the setting switch to the yellow dot to display the channel on the LCD.

5. Press the channel button CH to select one of the channels CH1-CH4.

6. Slide the setting switch back to the white dot.

7. Now turn on your camera and press the shutter release button halfway down, so the channel would register on the camera.

8. Remove the flash unit and place it in the desired position. However it has to be placed within 4 meters from the camera and in the line of sight (the flashgun has to see the triggering flash from your built-in-flash) otherwise it will not work.

9. Set the camera to the wireless mode – press the built-in-flash pop-up button.

10. While pressing the flash function button (which is on the front left side of the camera right over the focus switch) turn the select dial (on the right side on the top of the camera with the display) until the W is displayed.

11. If you want to use High Speed Sync mode, then turn the dial until it shows W and HS. Remember to set the off-camera flashgun into HSS mode as well. The flashgun will go into HSS mode only if the shutter speed exceeds 1/180 which is flash sync speed on Pentax MZ-S.

12. Decide if you want to use your built-in-flash as flash affecting the exposure or just for firing the wireless off-camera Pentax AF-540FGZ. You can use the Pentax function No 10. Setting 1 turns the built-in-flash into a flash affecting the exposure, and setting 2 turns it into controller.

Katarina Souto Mera